Irishman Running Abroad With Sonia O’Sullivan

This is a running podcast for all runners of all levels with the legend Sonia O’Sullivan and comedian Jarlath Regan. Expect conversation and craic around every aspect of athletics and running with the occasional special guest. In lockdown Sonia promised to teach self-confessed coach potato, Jarlath, how to run. 2 years on, they’ve gathered together a community of runners from across the world. Hear about Sonia’s work coaching the elite athletes at Nike HQ in Portland and Jarlath’s ramshackle journey towards the London City Marathon in 2023. Voted Ireland’s number 1 running podcast in 2022. Access all our old episodes and Sonia’s half marathon training plan on

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3 days ago

Sitting down for prolonged periods is bad for everyone especially runners. For a lot of us it is unavoidable and likely to cause an injury like the one Jarlath suffered before the London Marathon. This week with the help of Sonia and Vinny Mulvey, he invested in some simple exercises to offset the impact of all that sitting making podcasts! These simple techniques could help you improve your form, avoid injury and get strong fast. Vinny Mulvey goes a bit deeper over on Patreon in the extended cut of the podcast. We find out what marginal gains can be found in making small changes to your lifestyle. 

Wednesday May 08, 2024

Whatever your target over the 5 kilometre distance, Sonia has the advice to get you there. Today we start the process of helping Jarlath and the listeners get their 5k experience to where they want it to be. What’s the key to setting the right goal? Why won’t one particular thing get you there? Now is the time to join in and have fun getting faster. Sonia and Jar chat through the common mistakes and keys to week one of this process. Inspired by the Irish relay success of Cillin Greene, Rhasidat Adeleke, Thomas Barr, Sophie Becker, Phil Healy, and Sharlene Mawdsley in qualifying for the Paris Olympics Games, Sonia talks about passing through baton, her own team memories and more. We even get some coffee advice as Jar reveals how shoddy his bean game is versus Sonia. You’ll need the extra advice contained in the XL version of this episode over on - Email the show 

Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Run the 2024 TCS London City Marathon alongside Jarlath Regan, Sonia O'Sullivan, Vinny Mulvey and 50,000 amazing humans raising more than 1 billion pounds for charities and causes. Hear all the sounds of this massive event and let Jarlath take you inside the turmoil that unfolds at 38km. This year he was running for Kidney Care UK. If you can, please support him and the work this amazing charity does each year to help people suffering with kidney disease and related illnesses You can also come and see Jarlath in person. He is on tour all over the UK, Ireland and America 

Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

Sonia's squad of hand-picked listeners head to Cobh after 3 months of training under her guidance. It's a jam packed episode full of the sights and sounds of the race weekend. Massive congratulations to Maria Lennon, Nial McLoughlin, Danny O'Hare, Tom Corcoran, Han & Mary Vanderloo, Joe Maher, Brian Barry, Edel Buckley, Sandra Busteed Ciara Cullen, Ralph Cunnigham, Jimmy Gibney and Ricardo Guglimonotti for making the last three months so amazing. Special congratulations to everyone who took part in the race in aid of Breakthrough Cancer Research and Ballymore Cobh AC. To access the full training plan and all the Irishman Abroad episodes join up at today.

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Whether you're injured or PB'ing every race, finding running easy or bored off your head by the thought of it...chances are some form of cross training is going to enhance your experience. Sonia O'Sullivan, the queen of Irish athletics, makes the case for the one part of running that most people avoid. She talks to Jarlath Regan about the massive return you can see from even a little swimming, cycling or gym work. If the thought of that makes you groan, Sonia's wise words might turn your head.
It's a little over a week until she lands back in Ireland and her home town of Cobh. That's right, the Ballymore Cobh AC annual home-coming dance - the Sonia O'Sullivan Cobh 10 Mile Road Race is almost here. We hear from a few members of the squad Sonia handpicked to coach over the last 12 weeks. How should your pace change in race consisting of big hills and rolling descents? Sonia has the answer. To hear the whole episode and gain access to the full Irishman Running Abroad show visit and in a few clicks you can become a member.

Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

Has the world of athletics started to move away from the super shoe? Does a regular even need a carbon plate under their foot? Jarlath Regan talks to the legend Sonia O'Sullivan from Nike HQ. With the road to Cobh heating up they get voice notes from the squad and Ciara Cullen joins them on the LiveLine for a fun chat about her progress. Finally Jarlath was sent the new ASICS Nimbus 26 to review with thanks to John Buckley Sports in Cork. Hear how he got on by clicking and becoming a member over at 
Email the show on or come see Jarlath live on tour

Wednesday Feb 28, 2024

It's week 7 of the 2024 Road To Cobh so it's totally normal to have a bit of training fatigue. That can manifest in many ways. Loss of running libido is just one of them! Sonia is here to help. Today we get the squad provide the questions and we get to check in on their progress. Sonia recommends a brilliant new book by Frank O'Mara and we announce the winners of the Cobh 10 early bird prize. A luxurious stay at Fota Island's 5 star resort could be yours! Listen now to find out if you have won. This week Patreon members are getting a full 35 mins of extra Sonia expertise and even more insight into the ten mile training plan. Thanks to the members for always supporting our show.Do you have anything you want to ask Sonia? Is there a race or Parkrun you would like featured on the show? Why not get in touch 

Wednesday Feb 14, 2024

You can't go around them, hills are a fact of life for all runners. The great Sonia O'Sullivan is the proof that running up and over them can provide a huge bang for your training buck. Today on the Irishman Running Abroad she sets out the keys to doing it right. We hear from her hand picked squad of listeners heading to Cobh to run her homecoming road race. We get a taste of my extended interview with the Irish hill running king Ricki Wynne and we reflect on the tragic death of Kelvin Kiptum. Want to contact us or be added to the show's WhatsApp ground? Email 
To hear the full episode and access the full interview with Ricki Wynne visit 
To see Jarlath on tour in 2024 visit 

Wednesday Jan 31, 2024

Sonia O'Sullivan chat's to comedian Jarlath Regan about the ABCs of athletics training sessions. Where do most people go wrong? Is it ever ok to cut a session short? How do we keep our energy level and get the most out of a session? Sonia has the answers. It's week three of her training plan for the Cobh 10 - her homecoming race in Cork. We hear how the squad are doing and get Sonia's advice on tailoring the plan to your running level and ambitions. Pop over to for a further 30 mins deep dive into this topic with Sonia and Jar each week. Patreon members get all sorts of benefits why not sign up and give it a go this year.Email to contact the show.

Wednesday Jan 17, 2024

Sonia has read every email, letter and postcard. She has deliberated long into the night to find the best collection of talent and stories to form her squad for the road to Cobh 2024. Today we reveal who they are and hear some of their inspirational journeys. Which member of the team are you most like? There's someone for everyone. You can match your training plan to their's and take the journey Cobh too. This is a one of a kind episode with something for everyone in it.Sonia explains the difference between and easy and a "regular run". It's a subject that ex-elite athlete, now elite physical therapist, Vinny Mulvey and I have been exploring for the last 60 days. For the London Marathon 2024 I'm running for Kidney Care UK and I'm using low heart rate training to build the aerobic base that failed me in Dublin last October. So far it has been a revelatory experience. At first, mind numbingly boring, then agonising, then joyous - the process of learning to run properly slow on my easy days has not been easy. Vinny takes me on the Seb Coe loop of Ashbourne, Co. Meath to explain some of the more difficult questions surrounding low heart rate training.To hear the full episode and gain access to Sonia's full training plans and advice for training for every distance from 5k to the marathon head to 


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